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Art has been evolving exponentially in the last decade. The methods to exhibit, reproduce or buy art are shifting towards a more digitised, globalised, and sustainable era, including virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR). is an innovative project for the art market in its physical forms with galleries in cities around the world, and digital form through Web, 3D and Metaverse, which will act as a linking bridge in the modern revolution: physical and digital arts. Connecting these two similar but distant worlds will allow us to create the best experience and technological support for artists and buyers through blockchain technology.

Metaside is expanding its horizons: 

Visit our active physical Venues

Miami Beach
Jakmel Art Gallery

Rome, Italy
Galleria La Pisana

Marbella, Spain
Mansion Alhamar

154 NW 37th Street Miami,
FL 33127 Wynwood Art District.

Via della Pisana, 61 

00163 Roma - Italia

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