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Bruno Coriasso is a young Mexican artist born in 2000. Permanently in Europe, he is currently studying in Seville at the Academy of Fine Arts.

His trait was already distinguished in adolescence; he practised paintings and figurative drawings.

Stunning was his innate talent in realistic portraiture in the alternating use of soft and shaded or intense colours, giving his works a descriptive character that envelops the subjects in a sentimental aura.

The characteristic figure of the first artistic periods is the tear that is added to the faces, details that we appreciate in works such as: "P de pasiòn" (2019) ", Nostalgia en dìas de sol" (2020) and countless other untitled works.

The nostalgic and weeping figures also reveal a fresh and happy inventiveness of a boy testing various artistic languages, in a period in which the dialectic of the works resounds if clear and decisive, between the minutiae and the numerous details.





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