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Jude Papaloko Thegenus

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jude Thegenus, better known to some as Papaloko.

At about age six, Jude moved on to study sculpture and ceramics, in addition to his dimension interest, at the Art Institute of Saint Jean Bosco and latercompleted his education at Lycee Antenor Firmin.

Thegenus has mastered all the disciplines of Haitian art, from native to modern. He has developed a unique and personal style of working with acrylics. His one-of-a-kind textural compositions create a serene excitement.

In 1989 he turned again to music forming a group, Loray Mistik, a vodou pop band.

In 1999 Jude founded in Miami Jakmel Art Gallery, Cultural Center and Caribbean Backyard, a center for cultural diversity, awareness, positivity and creation.

In 2004 Jude established a non-profit organization, Papaloko4Kids, with the mission of empowering the youth from all communities through the arts.

Haitian culture sustains myriad art forms, such as painting, that express a Caribbean synthesis of African and European elements.

The movement was launched in the 1940s, when American artist DeWitt Peters arrived in Haiti to teach English.

Thegenus’ painting and sculpture is eclectic and riveting,

now located in the Wynwood Arts District, exhibits the work of Thegenus and many other local artists. In addition, it offers events and musical performances by Papaloko and Loray Mistik.




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